High-Quality Auto Leads

Qualified, exclusive, sub-prime auto leads for Canadian car dealerships
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We’ve generated more than 170,000 auto leads for dealerships across Canada

  • image description Exclusive Leads

    Your leads are 100% exclusive to you, giving you better contact & closing rates

  • image description Qualified Leads

    We only send you qualified auto leads that meet your lending criteria

  • image description Real-Time Delivery

    Leads are delivered in real-time, the moment they fill out our form

  • image description Phone & Email Validation

    We use software to verify the phone and email address of every lead submission

  • image description Reliable Volume

    We hit our customers' daily lead caps more than 95% of the time

  • image description Ongoing Optimization

    We are a data-driven company, constantly optimizing to help you sell more cars

How we qualify leads

Qualified auto leads delivered in real-time to your inbox or CRM

Our marketing is focussed on qualifying people for sub-prime auto loans. Additionally, we don’t broker. All our leads are generated on websites we own and control, so we know where our data has been. Our applicants:

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Our Leads

  • Earn at least $2,000 per month in income
  • Have been receiving this income for 3 or more months
  • Aren't on temporary disability or unemployed
  • Have a valid phone number and email address
  • Live within your requested geographic region
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The lead data we collect

We gather the data you need to sell more cars

We gather 20+ fields of information to build a profile on each applicant to help you close more sales. We even provide you with the IP address of the person who filled out our form.

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    We’re Old School

    We've been generating web leads in Canada since 2011

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    We Don't Broker

    All our leads are generated on websites we own and control

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    Free Integration

    We can provide free integration to the CRM of your choice

Is there a month to month contract I need to sign?

Nope. You are not held into any ongoing contracts. You can come and go as you please.

Are my leads sold to anyone else?

Leads are sold as exclusive. That means that yours is the only company to receive each lead; they are not shared with other buyers.

Can I set a daily lead cap?

Yes, you can set your maximum daily lead limit to whatever you like. Though we don't guarantee we'll hit your cap everyday, we usually do.

How are leads delivered?

Leads are delivered to you in real-time when they are generated. You can choose between email, text message, csv and/or free integration to the CRM of your choice. You will also be given access to our online portal where you can access all your leads at once, pause or unpause your lead flow, change lead statuses, make notes, etc.

What are my options for geographic targeting?

Currently you can target nationally or by province, however we plan to offer local geographic targeting in the near future.

How do you generate your leads?

We generate all of our leads via media buys through the major advertising networks including Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok and the Google Display Network. Our leads are generated on websites which we own, so we always know where our data has been. We don't broker leads.

What is your return policy?

We issue lead refunds for the following reasons: 1. Obviously bogus lead data; 2. Disconnected phone number; 3. Duplicate of a lead we've provided within the last 30 days; 4. Outside of requested region. Refunds must be requested within 7 days of receiving a lead.

Are your forms CASL Compliant?

Yes, we obtain all the necessary consent for you to text, call and email all our leads using an open checkbox on our forms.

What days and times will I receive leads?

Leads are delivered Monday to Friday unless requested otherwise. We strive to deliver most of our leads during regular business hours though some may come in outside of business hours.

Let’s help more Canadians get into the car of their dreams!

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